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Health issues surrounding the contact with blood and blood borne pathogens amplify the traumatic experience as viruses that are carried in the blood are often unknown and can be fatal.

Trained personnel that Care about your safety and the dignity of the situation are intentional about the support in all aspects of our approach to the trauma.

• Post Death Trauma Clean / Vehicle Clean-up - physical cleaning of the trauma area.

• Trauma Training Academy – provides Bio-Hazard Technician training and related courses.

• Initial debrief trauma counselling & On-scene support to Family, Friends, Colleagues

• Follow-up support visit to Family, Friends, Colleagues..

• Ongoing referral counselling (on request) Lay Counsellors & Psychologists

• Hordes / Clutter / General cleaning of the home & interior property

• Packing service of household or property contents.


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